Bridge for Billions

Bridge for Billions


New York, NY, USA

We democratize access to quality entrepreneurial support for early-stage founders. Bridge for Billions is a digital ecosystem of entrepreneurship programs for early-stage entrepreneurs. We believe entrepreneurial talent is everywhere, but opportunities are not, and we're here to correct this imbalance. Our programs are open for all entrepreneurs worldwide, no matter where they are located, what education level they have achieved, or how much business acumen they currently possess. 5 years ago, we developed our step-by-step incubation program, that features a learn-by-doing entrepreneurship methodology and includes the support of a mentor and a peer community. Our online program helps simplify the rollercoaster ride of building a business by guiding the entrepreneurs and their mentors through a unique and accredited entrepreneurship training pathway. Inspired by both MIT and Carnegie Mellon’s entrepreneurship methodologies, Bridge for Billions serves the holistic needs of founders by offering practical and experiential business education, personal one-to-one support from experienced mentors from their sectors, and peer-led community support and resources in the company of other like-minded founders.

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