Barcelona, Spain

Who are we?

We are Holaluz and we were born to change the world. 

You and the planet are what moves us to be who we are and to do what we do.

Our desire to do things differently has brought us to lead the transformation of the energy sector. Because:

  • We only sell 100% renewable electricity.

  • Thanks to leveraging the use of technology, we offer you personalized products and rates that allow you to save money.

  • We put you at the center of all our decisions.

There’s more of us wanting to change things. At Holaluz we want to turn every square meter of the roofs into inexhaustible sources of renewable energy for more than 40 million people and at no cost to you.

So that no matter where you live, whether or not you have your own roof,… you can be part of the change just by joining Holaluz's 100% green energy.

All the energy we need is up there. It is ours, it is clean and it is inexhaustible.

Can you help us connecting people to 100% green energy๐Ÿ’ก๐Ÿ’š?


What will you do?

At Holaluz we are developing a new strategy team to analyze and decide what will be our next steps to achieve our 2023 goals.

You will be working with top management to provide strategic analysis and insights to drive the strategic planning process.

We expect from you to support high priority and high impact strategic projects. These projects can be technological, operational, etc.: We need a professional who is eager to understand our organizational challenges and provide analysis and ideas on how to overcome them.

We expect from you to develop deep customer, industry, market and competitive insights and present them to the strategy committee to discern what projects Holaluz should be doing next.

We also expect from you to contribute to the development of presentations, materials, and other strategy-related documents to be shared both internally and externally.

And #SayThingsAsTheyAre is one of our values, we want to be clear and transparent in explaining what you will do during your first 6 months at Holaluz.


Where will you do it?

Another way of #KeepRowing is rowing all together in perfect synchronisation and towards a common goal, and what a better place to do it than in our offices in Barcelona, just 200 metres from the sea ๐ŸŒŠ. This exceptional location next to the beach is perfect for a break with a dip and to put into practice another of our #HaveFun values. 

But since March the number of "Holaluz offices" has multiplied by 220, everyone has their own little Holaluz, with their sea views (or not), their coffee or tea machine, their open space for lunch, their meeting rooms (now with a little more availability), and also their routines and organisation. We are committed to individuality and flexibility by putting people at the core of our decisions, that's why our offices are open for those who need or want to work in them. We are working on flexible seating in the office and providing individual lockers for everyone, as well as adapting all the meeting rooms so that we can make better video-conferencing and continue to work as comfortably as possible from home or from the office. Our people are the most valuable asset, so in the office we must comply with the following agreements:

  • It’s essential to wear a mask when moving around in the office. Not when we’re sitting in our workplace (respecting distances) but when we’re moving around (toilets, going to the kitchen, showers or meeting rooms).

  • We now use the elbow bump to greet each other.

  • The cleaning team comes daily to the office but to reinforce this we have cleaning kits in all the meeting rooms and other spaces.

  • On a weekly basis, we have a health team available to carry out Covid tests on people who come to the office.

  • And of course: safety distance, temperature taking, hand washing, limited seating and restricted external visits.


What do we offer?

Another of the values that characterises us at Holaluz is #EsPosible (“It’s Possible”). Therefore, we offer a series of measures so that you can develop yourself 360º and achieve everything you set out to do, both personally and professionally. In line with this, we believe that the most powerful energy comes from people, so #AlwaysPeopleFirst is part of our DNA, therefore, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Join Europe's first B Corp Certified electric utility (companies that innovate to maximise their positive impact on employees, the community they serve and the environment).

  • Baby Friendly Company certified. Nursery to help integrate life and work for new parents. "Casals" (summer camps in summer but also in other holidays) those weeks of the year when combining children's holidays and work becomes a little more complicated.

  • Join a company where people come first, with an unbeatable working environment and great talent where we truly live our values.

  • Unlimited professional development in an exciting company and a team fostering and facing together constant challenges.

  • Our own library, with very diverse content.

  • Being part of a goal-oriented and results-driven company. We apply agile methodologies and the scaling philosophy to everything we do.

  • Free English and Catalan lessons at the office.

  • Flexible working hours and the possibility of working remotely on a regular basis, as a result of our pro-responsibility and autonomy mentality, and our commitment to the self-management of the team's time.

  • Subscription to Andjoy, which includes yoga and crossfit classes in the office. Mens sana in corpore sano.

  • Reduced price for private health insurance (Cigna)

  • Flexible Compensation Scheme on kindergarten, transportation and food with Cobee.

  • Referral bonus, if you bring in people as talented as you.  

  • Organic fruit every day.

  • The opportunity to contribute to the growth of a company that wants to change the world.

  • Share-based compensation plan.

  • Competitive sustainable mobility rate with eCooltra for Holaluz. These are electric bikes and scooters, so you can get to the office quickly and economically, using individual and ecological transport.

  • Competitive Wifi rate with Unique. 

  • Consultancy to help you create/improve your home office with our office architect. 

We celebrate diversity in the world and we want our team to reflect this in an inclusive way. At Holaluz, we are committed to equal employment opportunities regardless of etnia, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression. Additionally, we strive to empower women in the workplace.

Job offers

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