Lobelia Earth

Lobelia Earth

Information Technology

Barcelona, Spain

Lobelia Earth is a pioneering company in Earth Observation for climate action, specialized in operational satellite-based products, climate risk analytics, computational intelligence and software development for data visualization. We use EO-data, climate models and machine learning algorithms to assess and predict vulnerabilities, risks and opportunities associated with local climate scenarios and support organizations in including them into climate adaptation and mitigation strategies through our interactive data platforms. With our proprietary machine learning algorithms, we develop high resolution historical data, extreme indices and future climate projections tailored to the area of interest. Local and precise information collected by automatic processing chains and presented in user-oriented visualization platforms, make our services applicable also for large-scale monitoring and risk assessments applications to harmonize efforts and promote climate neutrality. Our services are available globally, as we use open and free data acquired from the Copernicus programme or other international missions. We work in close cooperation with a growing network of international collaborators.

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