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Dana, by a thousand colibris

Product validation (mobile app well-being / digital therapeutics)

Dana, by a thousand colibris

Barcelona, Spain - Remote


Dana has been launched in Barcelona in September 2020 as an impact project. Our purpose is to improve the health and wellbeing of future generations by tackling wellbeing and mental health challenges of women during preconception, pregnancy and post-partum.

Our MVP 3.2 is available at of our team is located in Barcelona, the rest is working happily from home.

We are looking for our first product validation responsible

Your duties will be:

  • conducting test processes to ensure the right configuration, operation, and capabilities to work efficiently,
  • working product managers, and development teams to test and optimize our mobile products,
  • developing automated test scripts and frameworks for improved mobile app performance.
  • creating test cases and data,
  • assisting with the configuration of test environments,
  • participate in walkthroughs of testing procedures, 
  • preparing clear and concise test reports and releasing notes to team-mates of the Product Circle and Tech Circle when needed,
  • taking care of the project documentation (first step towards a Medical Device certification of the app)
  • ensuring all tests meet the adequate standards
  • Suggesting new processes and policies to improve mobile development techniques.


  • Bachelor's in engineering, computer science, computer engineering, information technology, or a similar degree.
  • At least two years' experience in mobile application testing and development.
  • Working knowledge of mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.
  • Experience in developing automated test scripts.
  • Ability to develop software applications using programming or scripting languages such as Java and HTML.
  • Experience in using configuration management or version control tools.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to meet challenging deadlines and work in a fast-paced environment.
  • Fluent in Spanish

About us

Dana is a digital health solution to improve the mental health and well-being of women becoming mothers and a certified digital therapeutics software for medical interventions improving early detection, diagnosis and monitoring of mental health disorders during motherhood. **** 25% of women uring pre-conception, pregnancy and in the years after giving birth suffer a sever mental health pathology. 75% are under-diagnosed and our healthcare system cannot always help on time. Mood disorders and mental health pathologies have a direct impact on the mother's health, pregnancy outcome and on the mother's capacity to take care of the child, with long-lasting effects on her and on her baby's health. Dana has been developed as a digital health solution to improve the mental health and well-being of women during preconception, pregnancy and up to 3 years after birth. Dana is also a certified digital therapeutics solution for the healthcare system for the early detection, digital interventions and monitoring of mental health disorders during motherhood. Dana was launched in September 2020 in Barcelona, Spain, by a thousand colibris SL. Its founders, Verónica Montesinos, CEO and Dr. Sven Mulfinger, COO created Dana as an impact-driven project fromn the start with the purpose to improve the health and wellbeing of future generations though the mental health of women. Dana has been accelerated by Ship2B Foundation and Tech2impact in 2021. At this current and more mature stage, Dana has been selected by CIMTI and Tech4EVA for their acceleration programmes as an innovative project in digital health and femtech. Dana closed its third pre-seed round with Ship2B Ventures as lead investor in August 2022. This round is part of the financing strategy to consolidate the product development and strengthen the business model metrics, before opening the seed round. In August 2022, more than 8,000 women in Spain have already downloaded the app and are using it and positively evaluating its impact on their wellbeing. As Sven states: "Our aim is to provide an innovative solution to the challenges along the matrescence journey - seen as a massive mental, physical and social transformation of a women during preconception, pregnancy and up to 3 years after birth - which is still largely not understood by our conventional healthcare and under-researched compared to men's diseases." Verónica, CEO of Dana, concludes: "We are very happy and hopeful to see that many stakeholders from health, research, technology and the investment world are coming together to support this idea. To secure a better health for future generations we need to change the actual paradigm of motherhood looking at the women's integral health. We are boosted by our multiple user's messages through Dana: "thank you for creating a service like Dana" or "it's about time someone noticed us" or "I wish I had this support in my motherhood". These are all confirmations that we are creating a useful product and service for our society"

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