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Junior Data Analyst


Barcelona, Spain - Remote


==Responsibilities== Analyse data from different companies on different stages and industries. Read into company data from different sources (marketing, customers, finance, sales, accounting...) to find strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for the applicant's metrics. Talk directly with other departments to communicate your understanding of our customers. Directly impact the future of the company with your analytical skills. ==About you:== You can manipulate data in the tool of your choice preferably Excel, Python or SQL. You like to solve problems in a creative way. You build things as complex as required, but never more complicated than that. You had some experience or training in the field of data analytics. You want to develop a career in the data analytics industry. ==Nice to have== You are passionate about entrepreneurship. You want to have a direct impact on the company you work for. You have some background on computer science, engineering or other quantitative fields. You have some background in finance, startup ecosystem, growth, venture capital or consultancy. You know how to use Jupyter Notebooks. You like to explore things out of your comfort zone. You identify yourself with an unrepresented group in tech or finance.

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